Dog led lights collars and leashes that glow?Now get light up fetch balls and toys for night play.

The led lights collars and the led lights leashes are becoming a relatively common feature when walking your dog at night. People feel a lot safer when they know that on coming motorist as well as, cyclers can easily spot them when their all lit up in some type of led lighting device.

We can’t forget about our much needed play time with our furry little friends and what better than playing fetch with your dog can he get the needed exercise after being cooped up in the house all day


Led light up fetch balls

Just because your only time you can spend with your dog is the evenings after work doesn’t mean you can’t play in the dark. The light up fetch balls make it so much more fun to watch your dog chase, find, and retrieve a ball that you throw without him spending the whole night looking for it.

Led light up fetch balls are a good way to interact with your dog after hours but first You need to find a large enough area with plenty of`space and free of cars of.course There are several glow balls or glow in the dark type of fetch balls You can purchase.

A good light up fetch ball is the GlowStreak Led dog ball made by nite ize. These are well-made fetch balls and are good for the bigger dogs. It has the bounce activated light sensor feature that once it makes contact with the ground it automatically turns the led light on. These are my favorites when I play fetch with my dog.

The GlowStreak

GlowStreak® LED Ball + Combo Pack


The GlowStreak LED Ball is the most technologically advanced nighttime fetch ball ever made, and holds up to the best arm or ball launchers around.

This robust rubber ball has a protected inner core that contains an advanced motion-activated LED module with bright red or color-changing Disc-O LEDs, and it turns on with a simple bounce. It also features an auto shut-off function after ten minutes without a bounce (5 minutes of glow followed by 5 minutes of flashing).

. The molded, shockproof, removable polycarbonate core houses the LED/battery module and screws securely into place creating a very important waterproof seal. The same size as a tennis ball and invincible to water or slobber, this tough little ball floats, and is great for the dog who loves to swim. The unique grooved design on the surface creates a bite friendly exterior that is easy to pick up for small and large dogs alike, making it the perfect fetch toy for your four legged friends of all sizes. Powered by replaceable, long-lasting batteries, you can have up to 35 hours of playtime with the GlowStreak.

The GlowStreak is also available in a combo pack with a one-of-a-kind GlowStreak-matching SpotLit LED Collar light so you can keep track of your dog day and night. The SpotLit is a classic Nite Ize product – it’s a water resistant, durable LED that clips easily to your dog’s collar with its integrated stainless steel carabiner clip. This Disc-O SpotLit can be set to a color-changing glow or red-flashing mode with a simple push of a buttom. With this custom designed LED module that is powered by replaceable long lasting batteries, you are sure to find the SpotLit to be an excellent addition to your Glowstreak light show of nighttime fetch.


  • Durable LED Ball is great for nighttime play
  • Motion activated – bounce to turn on
  • Auto shut-off after 10 minutes of inactivity (5 minutes of glow followed by 5 minutes of flashing)
  • Durable rubber construction
  • Waterproof – it floats!
  • Run time: 35 hours
  • 2 replaceable CR2032 batteries included
  • Diameter: 2.5″ | 63mm
  • Weight: 3.9oz | 112g


  • Push on/off
  • Glows and flashes
  • Water resistant
  • Run time: Glow: 20 hours | Flash: 25 hours
  • Easily replaceable 2x 2016 batteries included
  • Dimensions: 2.12″ x 1.28″ x 0.85″ | 53.92mm x 32.70mm x 21.78mm
  • Weight: 0.56oz | 16.00g

*This ball is not intended as a chew toy, nor is it intended for pets under 12 months old. It is meant for supervised use only and for enjoying playing fetch with your dog. Please tighten the battery cap securely in place using a flathead screwdriver and check the tightness regularly.



The Gnawsome Squeak




Another good one on the list is the gnawsome squeak. It has the full spiney feature and it lights up. It comes in a variety of color’s and when chomped on it sqeeks. If that doesn’t get your dogs blood boilng I don’t know what will. I guess we will just have to see when that time comes.


Light up playtime with your pooch with the Gnawsome Squeaker & Light Ball Dog Toy. It’s made with food-grade, BPA-free thermoplastic rubber so it’s safe for everyday, anytime play and can stand up to some pretty tough dog play! The flashing LED light activates with every bounce to keep your pup chasing after it, adding much-needed exercise to keep him healthy and active. To top it all off, there’s also a squeaker inside and the spiky texture helps massage your dog’s gums when he chews on it.

Key Benefits

  • Made of food-grade thermoplastic rubber that can stand up to everyday play and is BPA-free.
  • Bounce-activated LED light keeps your pal engaged and chasing after the erratic bounce.
  • Built-in squeaker turns up the excitement during play, while the spiky texture works to massage gums.
  • Adds much-needed exercise and mental stimulation that dogs need to stay active, healthy and at an ideal weight.
  • Comes in a variety of bright, attention-grabbing colors to suit your style and your pal’s personality.

Ships in a variety of random and fun colors!

Every dog runs his own path and it’s always best to keep a close watch on your pup in case things get ruff. Supervised play will help toys last longer and most importantly keep your pet safe. No dog toy is truly full proof, so always remove the toy from playtime if pieces begin to break off.

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  • ITEM NUMBER139283
  • DIMENSIONS2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches

    Extra Small & Toy Breeds, Small Breeds




    Plastic, Rubber


    Noisemaking, Glowing & Light-Up

Fetch & Glow

You have the fetch and Glow ball made by Spunky Pup. This is one of the favorites and gives your dog countless hours of playtime fun.

You have to leave the glow ball out in the sun or under a light to keep the glowing effect to last into the night. Your dog won’t have any problems seeing these glow balls when fetching them in the dark. They come in a wide variety of colors for your choice.

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Spunky Pup Fetch and Glow Balls

Expose the ball to light and watch it glow in the dark.

This soft, durable, non-toxic toy is great for indoor or outdoor play.

Easy to clean, waterproof and even floats.

Fetch & Glow will keep your dog running, jumping and fetching.

Available in Three Sizes.

Fetch & Glow

Spunky Pup Fetch and Glow Balls

Color: Assorted Colors

  • Glows in the Dark. Expose to light to see it glow at night
  • Safe, Soft and Fun
  • Day or Night Play
  • Durable, Non Toxic, Easy to clean
  • Floats, Assorted Colors, Large – 3.5 inch diameter

 & FREE shipping.



Now here’s a fetch ball that will keep your dog guessing on every throw and coming back scratching his head.

If you have an overly aggressive dog like I do. I’m talking about a dog that goes all out full speed ahead stops at nothing until he has the ball in his mouth and is on route back for the next launch

The Chuckit Max Erratic Glow Ball, the Wizard of the juke, is made with unbalanced weights and iregular shape to make its bounce unpredictable as well as its final roll never in a straight roll..

You will chuckle watching these aggressive ball hogs that will not let another dog ever get the prize because their much faster and stronger than the other pooches.

They will end up over running and even rolling side over side like a corn dog  on the grilll at the state fair when they try to apply the brakes to go back to get the ball.

Meanwhile to their horror, the slow and never winning the chase, Basset hound reaches the grounded and untouched ball and swallows it up and returns back to the launch pad walking.

Its pretty much game over then. The hound will be reluctant to release the ball knowing he may never see the likes of that ball again , so he will go find his spot somewhere and just savor the flavor and soak the ball down with his syliva.

  • Best selling Chuckit! Erratic Ball now with MAXGLOW added
  • Fun, stimulating, random bounce ball that your dog will love
  • Made from natural rubber
  • Easy to rinse clean
  • Chuckit! balls are designed for the most demanding use

Chuckit MAX GLOW In the Dark Ball Light Play Fetch Ball Dogs Large Rechargeable Description Recharge in seconds with a bright flashlightFast charging MAX GLOW rubber helps you and your dog track the ball in low lightLauncher compatibleExtend fetch time to early mornings and late nights with LIGHTPLAY fetch toys. Charge under bright light 5 to 10 minutes for 20 to 30 minutes of high-visibility lighted play. Recharge in seconds with a bright flashlight. Fast charging MAX GLOW rubber helps you and your dog track the ball in low light. Launcher compatible. MAX GLOW products are made with a safe high quality photo luminescent material that is both chemically and biologically inert.

The Chasen Chomp


I dig the name on this fetch ball. The chase’n chomp durable TRP Led light up fetch ball dog toy. Try saying that 3 times and see if you don’t trip your tongue up. Its another led light ball and requires batteries. It is a good product for playing fetch with your dog when it gets dark out. It can be seen.easily from a distance with its luminous nighttime glow.

 The Leaps and Bounds

How about the leap and bounds chomp and chew fetch ball. With a name like that who wouldn’t want to know what that fetch toy is all about. It features a smaller light up spiney ball inside a larger textured ball and it has unpredictable bounce that keeps your dog entertained for hours without even throwing the ball to him


I hope I provided You with enough fetch balls to help You with your decission on aquiring a great toy for You and your pet.The fetch balls make perfect stocking stuffers and You surely have a christmas stocking put out for your dog , Right !. What ever the case, Have a great year and show your dog some love. Leave a comment below. I enjoy your thoughts and imputs.

Ned Babb