Led light dog leashes are great for walking your dog at night to safely be seen

Led light dog leashes

When the sun goes down in the evening and it’s time to take your dog for a walk you should always equipt yourself with some sort safety gear for you and your dog to be seen. Anytime you go across streets or parking lots you want to be aware of motorist and you want motorist to be aware of you and your dog.


People like to wear something with reflecters on it or bright colored clothing when walking their dogs. They might have some sort of reflective color for their dog to give it something to be seen easier as well. Thus giving both of you some sort of safety measures to be seen by oncoming motorist or even bike riders when it’s dark outside.



A new effective way to help you and your dog be seen a night is by having a led light dog leash when walking your dog. There are quite a few different kinds on the market that all give you a lot better visual safety when walking your dog.


lighted leash


Retractable dog leash light

The retractable dog leash light is probably the most convenuant to use when walking your dog . Mainly because it gives you a little more fredom when you walk your dog. You get to manage the slack as your dog extends out then comes back in which can get you all tangled up with regular long leashes

retractable leash with led flashlight
retractable dog light leash features


With the added flashlight to the retractable dog leash light you get a high powered led light to shine on your dog as you walk him and can be seen by motorist and bike riders at the same time giving you enough light to see everything around you. You will have the option to pick from a wide variety of different brands at your choice. The one above is to show the multi uses of the retractable dog leash light.


The only thing that the retractable led light leashes don’t have is the actual leash doesn’t have the led lights on it  but some come with reflectable leashes. The high powered led flaslight beam lights up the leash and the dog and all around them as if it were daylight. Impossible not to be seen unless a motorist just isn’t paying attention.



The flashing led light leashes                   

The flashing led light leashes are a nice feature when walking your dog at night. It provides you with more of a safety signal to tell motorist to slow down and proceed with caution. You will definitely keep an alert sign to all that come into viewing distance of you and should have plenty of time to react to your signal.


If you can with stand the constant flashing of lights directly in front of you then the flashing led light leashes are for you and your dog. They come in 4, 6, and some up nto 8ft long and you will have several colors to choose from.



The flashing led light leashes will come with a plug in rechargeable battery built in on most of the brands That is a luxury when you don’t have to go buy batteries all the time to keep your leash lit


There is a whole world of light up accessories that you can share with your dog

You will be amazed with all the assortment of light up products that are available for your dog’s safety or for just having fun with the display of lights. Of course you are probably familar with the led light up collars that pretty much go hand in hand with the light up leashes and have a wide variety of brands to choose from. The mechanicals are mostly the same on both the leashes and the collars.


They have light up harnesses for those who need to have more control over their dog and need use of the full body gear. the harnesses that light up really give your dog the full body light up and can be seen very well at night.

There are even some light up doggie beds to bring the led lights comfortably into your home and giving your loving pet his own little place in the house to call his own. But the products don’t stop here you got a whole section of the different type of toy’s that light up to spoil your belovid with.



Holiday for your dog



With the Holidays right upon us now. What a better time to shower your pet with your love then now. Do you include your dog with his own little christmas stocking. Why not stuff a few light up safety light beacons in his stocking or some led light collars. Maybe a couple so you can inner mix the colors for different dog walks.


Does your dog like to fetch a ball . If so, a light up fetch ball is a must get. I have a great time with my dog at night throwing a ball that lights up at night. It also helps him to see the ball when he finally catches up to an 80 yard launch by me. There are blinking light balls that gives it that extra flare to fetch for your dog.


The also have the light up batons for your dog to fetch which is like throwing a stick pretty much. If your dog is a true fetcher, it doesn’t really matter what you throw your dog will go after it. To him it’s more about hanging out and involving himself with his loving owner that’s all.


So I’ll end this here with this holiday cheer. May everyone have lots of Holiday fun, play fetch with your dog and watch him run. Keep your dog safe wearing a collar light so he can be seen in the darkness of night.When outside with your dog keep your hand warm with a glove, and when your back in, pat your dog on his head, and show him your love.


Merry Christmas and have a happy new year,

Ned Babb



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