Why you should have a light up collar when walking your dog at night

Dog collars lights




Why you should have a lights up collar when walking your dog at night? Well for the most obvious reason, so you can see your dog. Most importantly, so oncoming motorist can see your dog. By having a well lighted dog a motorist will see the animal from a distance and will have plenty of time to slow down and proceed with caution. The dog collars lights will give your dog safety when crossing the street with or without you walking him. Hopefully you have your dog on a leash because that’s the law.,.




With a lights up dog collar you get both features rolled into one. Number one you get a dog all lit up and can be seen from a good distance giving it safety to be seen by oncoming motorist and number two your dog’s lights on his collar works as a flashlight as you walk him where street lights are not available giving you enough vision to see ahead and not trip over something.




Flashing Dog Collars




There are good flashing dog  collars that you can get that seem to be popular. If you like more of the safety dog collars for your dog which displays more of a warning signal if you choose red blinking lights and yellow blinking lights for caution and slow down. You can always get the blinking beacon attachable light unit that you can easily fasten to the loop that most dogs have their ID tags and their rabies shots on. They also have the easy velcro attachable single light units you can attach to the dogs collar. You could also attach those on yourself if you wanted a few safety lights to work in your favor as well.




Led lights are luminous




A lot of the lights up dog collars will use lead lights to give off more of a luminous glow that can be seen from a 100 yards away which is the length of a football field. Your dog can be seen further than any NFL quarterback can throw a football downfield. That should be plenty of distance for any motorist to react to in a residential area.The lead lights also radiates enough light to lights up the area around a 3-4 foot radius around you and you pet.Almost like a miniature lantern you used in the olden days.




 Batteries types




You want to always make sure that you have adequate batteries in your dog lights up collars. Some are made with the regular 2AA and 3AA batteries but the more efficient collars will have the small coin like batteries. your must make sure that whatever the type of battery used has a secure waterproof type enclosure where the battery goes in. You don’t want them to short out in case of rain or dogs going through puddles or any type of water that can attribute to getting the collar wet. A lot of the newer collars are equip with a battery built in and you just plug it in to recharge.Simpler to your mobile phone’s charging method.




Dogs Christmas collars



With the holidays just around the corner, what better gift could you give your dog, then a lights up Christmas dog collar? As Santa Claus uses Rudolf the red nose reindeer to guide his sleigh through all the hazardous conditions because it lights up red and cast a glowing beam of light. This gives Santa plenty of light to navigate his team of reindeer all around the world spreading the Christmas joy to every boy and girl.




Now you can have your dog lead you too and lights up your way with dog Christmas collars. There is a variety of colors you can pick for your dog light collars. Purchase several giving your dog a different look each time you walk your dog at night. Get plenty of the small beacon safety lights and small clip on to collar lights to stuff their stockings with for Christmas. You can impress your fellow dog walkers with your nighttime dog walking visible products and have them all asking you where you got them at.








Everyone needs to be a part of this new and popular trend spreading across the country and the world of lighting up your dog. The real enthusiast are using the lights up products to turn their loving pets into fashion statements and having a lot of fun doing it. They will have real fashion shows giving top winners prizes and awards. There is some clubs that have formed which they will meet every month and show off a new-look for their dog. What a good reason for people and their pets to get out and mingle among people with similar interest.



You will be sure to make heads turn when you fashion your dog off in his new dog Christmas collars glowing effect at your social gatherings this year.If you would like a few more rings added on your dog try the glowing necklace collars. They are just a solid plastic strand of color and are not used for a leash to hook to. Mainly just for show to make it glow. People can also wear these and match their dog if they desire. You can your light up products here




So with Christmas just around the corner. Make it a Christmas to remember for your dog or any pet for that matter. Get them some lights up features. Dress them up with lights and make them the life of the party and show them how much you love them. A lot of memories to be made so take bunches of photos and enjoy yourself. Merry Christmas to you. Please leave a comment below. I would like to hear what you think.




Happy Holidays,