Dog collars lights

Do you like to spend time with your adorable pet in the morning, during the day or at night? If you choose the night,then you most likely agree that you need to provide some extra security for you and your pet. A great new concept that people are using to walk man’s best friend is a type of dog collars lights that gives your loved one enough briteness to be seen from far away. This giving your pet some security to be seen by oncoming motorist, as well as, fellow pet walkers and gives them plenty of time to avoid animal confrontations. You definitely want your motorist to be warned that pedestrians are near so they can slow down and observe whats coming ahead


The Night Walkers



When the sun goes down some folks like to go outside and spend some quality time with their pets. Is it because they find it more peaceful at nite? Do their pets profer the night so they can make use of their night vision. Maybe the late evening is the only time the owner has because their jobs consume most of day time and early evening.


For what ever reason, the night also brings darkness and it make’s things harder to see. At least for most people. Now as far as your pet, depending on what it is, can see better than most humans at night and cats probably see a little better than dogs. If you have a pet owl then we know who ( no pun intended )  the winner is here.


In any case, you will have people walking their pets at night. Dogs are probably the most common pet being walked in the evening hours in some sort of an orderly fashion. There are cats that are walked on leashes out there, but I wouldnt call it orderly. You will see the owners usually cutting across lawns and going in between houses if they let the cat lead.


I have seen little pot belly pigs being walked. Owning a pet pig is actually more common than you would think. Their a lot cleaner to maintain than most dogs and are just as smart. Do you remember “arnold” on the series Green Acres back in the 70’s. He was a very smart pig and they made him out to be smarter than most of the townspeople.


I’ ve seen skunks on a leash being walked. Turtles, ferrots, racoons, all can be trained to walk on a leash. I think the strangest I’ve seen would be the Salvidor monitor, or picture this, a kamona dragon. When they say the freaks come out at night they ment it. I’m not talking about the last pets I mentioned, Its the owners that have have that uncanny appearance. I think they are trying to resemble their pets for some odd reason


At this point we can all agree that we do have an active night of pet walkers and some night owls that like to get out and entertain their pets when darkness falls


Keeping your Pet Safe


Well what about the safety of your pets? Are they safe and out of harms way? Thats unpredictable isn’t it? Just like most animals. At any given time an animal can be detoured from its normal state of “trained not to.”

For instance, if you’re walking your dog and a cat darts out of some bush across your path, your dog will react instinctlvely and may pull the leash from your hand and give chase. It might just be your dog starts to set chase but is stopped abruptly by his neck as the owner, totally alert of the situation, pulls the leash back hard, like pulling the reins to halt a horse, and the dog is clothes lined.

Who knows? There might be an oncoming motorist that doesn’t see that a halted dog on a longer than normal leash may be partially out in the street where it was stopped from chasing the cat. Its dark out and if there isn’t a well lit street light, there is a good chance your dog could be hit by the motorist who had no time to react. You can’t blame the motorist and you certainly can’t blame your pet by acting on impulse.


Led Pet Safety Lights


But there is something you might be able to do to prevent this unexpected scenario from having a bad ending to it. The way you can prevent or keep a casualty to a minimal is by lighting up your dog or any pet with safety lights. Its a no brainer. There is light up collars for your pets that come in all shapes and sizes and can be purchased at a very reasonable price. It all depends on how extravagant you want the collar to be for your loving pet. View here


You can also purchase a light up leash that can give yourself as well as your pet a good source of lighting to be noticeable by a motorist from quite a distance. The lengths of the leashes vary. The longer the leash the more lighting you will have. There is all assortments of different styles of leashes at your choice.

They have harnesses that light up in all sizes for the pet lovers that have big strong pets that need a solid reinforcement to be able to control them and not them control you. The harnesses lights up all of your pet and can be seen from great distances giving your pet plenty of room to be spotted by motorist approaching.

I hope this will help in keeping you and your loving pet safe when you you leave your home at night. If you have any questions or comments you would like to add feel free to below. I will answer your questions to the best of my knowledge. It will be great to here from you and thanks for visit because your always welcome. Aren’t pets great?


Great to see you,

Ned Babb