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Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Ned Babb and I would like to take this time to thank your for coming to this site and checking out some cool things that may be of interest to you pet owners. I live in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and I own a small home repair business that has been around for 25 years. I live outside the metroplex in the  community of Nevada, tx. which is out in the country near 2 local lakes. Just me and my dog Jaxx.

I created this site because I love animals of all kinds and wanted to share some personal experiences as well as some knowledge of pet products that are available in the markets and how you can enhance your fun and love for your pet. I also will give you some reviews of hot Items in the market place and if their worth buying. I will shop around and find the best deals that are in the market as well as an honest opinion if the product is well made or junk to avoid.​


My dog got car sick and didnt like to to ride in a car until recently


For those who know me also know my dog Jaxx and how we are joined at the hip so to speak. He has been with me now for just over 13 years, and for the last 2 years he decided that he would finally join in and enjoy going for a ride with me in my jeep.

He is a German Shepard and pitbull mix and is by far the smartist dog I have ever owned. He can look intimidating, but is not agressive whatsoever. A very fun loving dog and hes got my heart without question.

When he was younger he always got car sick when he rode in a vehicle so I finally gave up on him coming with me anymore. Besides, he would always try to hide from me when he knew I was getting ready to leave the house. He knew that I would try to get him to go with me.

When I had to take him to the vet I would have to pick him up, as he squirmed and wiggled to get loose. and somtimes he would pee because he was scared, the whole way to the car. Now that he has matured and doesn’t get the car sickness, he won’t let me leave without him.

If I go out in the evening and have a few drinks with friends, I’ll let him come along. He will just lay up in the jeep with his water and his snacks, and of course his light up at night balls and his other light up dog toys.


Light up balls are a must to have when playing fetch at dark


The light up balls are a must to have when he goes with me in the evenings otherwise he will loose them . When I launch  one for him to fetch 75 to 80  yards at night he won’t be able to see it when he gets to it. A couple of throws and he’s satisfied for awhile.

Then I go in the restaraunt while he watches the car. He barks at anyone that gets to close to the car. Its nice to have a guard dog to keep your vehicle safe. I leave the windows a quarter way down and the doors unlocked sometimes without worry.

He gets along great with other dogs, even cats. he usually doesn’t have a problem with people either except if anyone comes near him when he is eating. Its more like a territorial thing and he is just protecting his food. He will just growl at them and then turn back to his bowl and continue with his chow.

When I go to work at a residential job Jaxx usually hangs out in my customers back yard when I work insde or he just lays by the front door on the porch when the yard isn’t available.I’ve had some customers that their wives would ask me if they could cook him something to eat after getting to know him some. Of course I would always allow them to. Its one less meal I have to prepare for him.

I always wondered if they were ever going to make me something too since they were cooking my dog something. But it was just usually for the dog only and I went hungry. I’m sure I wasn’t going to like some of the stuff they were probably cooking for him. Like maybe cow tongue or liver worst. Yuk!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 My dog loves to fetch a ball

The one thing that Jaxx is very fond of, and is the way he likes to relate with people, is by fetching a ball. Usually a tennis ball but he is like the energizer bunny once he retrieves the first ball. Non stop. After you get tired of throwing the ball and you sit down for a few minutes to take it easy. He is still at work, with the ball in his mouth and his chin on your knee’s. You’ll say “no” pushing his snout off your knee’s and turn away to ignore him.

You will end up finding a wet soggy ball on your lap and Jaxx kind of easing backwards anticipating that your going to get up and throw the ball again for him to fetch. So you end up throwing it one more time so he leaves your alone. But he will be a step behind, following you with a ball in his mouth, until the next sucker shows up and does the deed.


If you have a pet, I know your can relate with spending time with it because its like a member of your family. Right? Sometimes you probably shop to find the perfect item to make your pet stand out too.  Or just something to add a little character to him. I like to put Bandanna’s on Jaxx and he likes to where them. He thinks it gives him super powers like he’s wearing a cape of some kind. He’s had different colored collars, a leopard skin one. He even had a spiked collar once as well.


Pet lite up collars and leashes

The newest cool thing out on the market has got to be the lite up collar’s. They really light up your pet at night too. It makes your pet look like their from outer space or from in the future. They really are pretty cool.

There’s also led lite leashes. Perfect for pet safety being all lit up and noticeable at night. Oh, and not to forget all the pet toys like ball’s and Frisbee’s. Get this, a lite up doggies bed. You need to really check this stuff out.


With you loving your pet as much as I do you can really enjoy yourself by lighting them up at night in some fashionable led lite gear..If you have any questions or if I can help you out in any way feel free to leave a commit below. And thanks again for dropping in. Pets are great aren’t they?


See you soon.



Your friend and pet lover,                                                                                                                                                                                                            Ned Babb






















































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